Sunday, October 28, 2012

just to catch up...

Long overdue…. Sorry for taking so long; perfect for a stormy weekend.
To begin where I left off… 
OYT Girls with the Amerikick guys
On Your Toes Dancewear has been the Island’s number 1 supplier for dance gear! I have been shopping there for as long as I have been dancing and was thrilled when they asked me to join them for their grand re-opening. They moved their location to a bigger and better store on Lincoln Avenue right off of Richmond Road. I was excited to see all the girls and of course Little, Laurens cat who hangs around the store. A portion of the stores profit that day was going towards NEDA. Thank you OYT for your continuing support!! Best of luck xo

An appearance I had been looking forward to since I received the title of Miss Richmond County; the Richmond County Fair!!! On September 3rd I went to Historic Richmond Town to attend to Richmond County Fair. I had a blast at the fair, there were so many different and interesting vendors there. One point in the day I had to make my way to the hot dog eating contest to present the winners with their prizes. I ended the day by getting my arm tattooed; it was just paint but still very beautiful.
just some hotties with crowns

The following week on September 8th, A bunch of the girls from the Miss New York Pageant and I had a mini reunion at the TEAL Walk. TEAL or Tell Every Amazing Lady is a non-profit organization bringing awareness to ovarian cancer. The girls and I got to sash the survivors that day. The day was filled with remembering loved ones who had lost their lives to ovarian cancer, celebrating the those who are survivors and telling every amazing lady about ovarian cancer. The day had called for rain and boy did it rain. We all joined together and chanted “Tell Every Amazing lady” to make the rain stop, to everyone’s surprise; it did! The sun came out and everyone was able to enjoy the walk in the sunshine!

 On Facebook one day I came across an event that touches close to home. This event was at Mia Passione Salon and it was in memory of a fallen NYPD Officer, Detective Russel Timoshenko. All money donated that day will help assist families of injured and fallen members of the NYPD. Many of my family are retired or active members of the NYPD, so this meant a lot to me to show my respect and contribute to the event. Jackie was my hair stylist and I LOVED the way my hair came out!!!! I also won a gift basket full of hair products. Thank you Mia Passione Salon, I will be back!!!

The next night September 15th I joined some of my extended family at the Greek Festival right here on the Island. THE FOOD IS AMAZING!!! I don’t know which is better the dessert or the food!! I was able to watch traditional dances performed by children of the church; such tradition and beauty behind it! Also there was Alexa Moley, Miss RC TEEN. I hadn’t seen Alexa in a while so I was excited to see her!

The Staten Island Heart Association invited me to their third event of the year on September 21. This one was a little different from the rest. This one was a golf classic that took place at the beautiful Silver Lake Golf Club. I got to meet and take pictures with all the teams. I want to thank the SI Heart Association for always having me be a part of their events. They do a great job of getting the community aware of the dangers of heart disease.

Rhythm Central Gang
I hadn’t participated in the Light the Night walk since high school and I was happy to be back. The Light the Night organization is a non-profit that helps hundreds of thousands of Americans battling leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. This year I walked with my dance studio (Rhythm Central.)We walked for one of our own and my student in class, Abigail Rzucidlo who is a survivor of neuroblastoma.It was a bittersweet feeling being at the walk. There were so many survivors who were there walking with their families and friends behind them. But there were also those families and friends walking behind a gold balloon in memory of loved ones lost to cancer. With all the advances we have with technology today there is still so much to be learned about cancer and how it affects us. To find out more information or to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma society please go
Me and my girl Abby <3

The next day I headed to Brooklyn for their 3rd Avenue Festival. My brother’s store; Artisan Food Valley is located on 3rd avenue and 92nd street. So my brother and I shared the space in front of his store. I was there to raise money for the NEDA WALK. The festival was a lot of fun, I had never been there before and there was so much going on. There was food everywhere; I loved it! Thank you to BK for helping out towards NEDA.

Beryl from the Amvets Hospital
After my first visit to the AMVETS Hospital in Brooklyn last December, I felt obligated to help out our Veterans in any way I could. So on October 5th I joined AMVETS Post 103 and their Ladies Auxiliary for the annual gift auction. This auction helps support our veterans. Even though I didn’t win anything, it was much more rewarding giving back to our Veterans. I will keep you posted in the very near future about more work that I will need your help for regarding our Veterans! 

some of the crowd
Finally the NYC NEDA WALK was here (October 7th)! I had worked all year towards this day to raise money for the walk; we have raised $3,000 towards NEDA!!! Congratulations and thank you! The walk took place at Foley Square in Manhattan. In all, the NYC NEDA walk raised close to $200,000! I will continue to fight the battle against eating disorders. If you want further information or want to donate please go to

Diana Williams a huge support of NEDA

Mrs. Carol Ann Benanti

On October 14th, the girls, Jamie Macchia Miss SI, Alexa Moley Miss RC Teen and I joined Borough President James Molinaro for the 21st Annual celebration of Italian Heritage for the borough. The Honoree was advance columnist Carol Ann Benanti. Mrs. Benanti has been great to all of us title holders. She has followed us since we first decided to enter the pageant and has helped reveal our journeys through her column. Congratulations! Xo

This past Saturday (October 27th) I was invited to join Amerikick Karate for their kidnapping workshop.  AmeriKick has two locations on Staten Island the one I attended is on Lincoln Avenue on the corner of Richmond Road. This workshop was great! This was different from anything I had learned in school. I remember from way back in grade school, a police officer or teacher would sit with us and explain kidnapping. They would talk about the usual no taking to strangers, even if they offer you candy or a puppy. They would tell us that it could be a man or a woman and to yell as loud as we could to cause a scene and someone would come to help.  And that’s pretty much all I remembered from it. This workshop was a little different. It taught the kids how to try and get away from their kidnapper. The Sensei showed different moves to the kids and made them practice on one another, I even got to practice!! The Sensei told me that these moves could work for an adult as well, but another move to try on an attacker would be to poke them in the eyes. The eyes are the only spot on the body that we cannot protect, and since woman are usually weaker than men and it would be difficult to take down a man if he were to attack you.  There will be more in the works coming from the guys of Amerikick and I, New Year’s Resolutions here we come!! Interested in Amerikick and what they have to offer visit

Most recently, I was at the Walk Now for Autism Speaks walk this morning (October 28th.) I joined my St. Paul’s School of Nursing classmates. We have had bake sales in school and collectively raised $400. Autism is a growing illness with 1 in 88 children diagnosed with Autism on the spectrum. To learn more or to support please go to

Steph <3

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hey Followers!!!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. School has started and I went back to having no life! Before I post about what I have been up too I want to invite you to join me for the New York City National Eating Disorder Association Walk. I have been raising donations throughout my year of service to go towards this walk.

The walk is on October 7th at Foley Square, we will walk the Brooklyn Bridge and back. Registration begins at 9am. It is very easy to access by public transportation. Last year I hopped on the ferry and then a very short train ride to get there.
 To join the team, please go to,
-go to programs and events
-find the NYC NEDA Walk 
-select Participate
 The team name is Every Body is Beautiful and the password is missrc2012 (no caps).

I decided to use the same name from the event back in May to continue to spread my message.

Can’t make the walk but still want to donate??? Follow the same steps as above just select Donate instead of Participate.

Help me fight against eating disorders and WALK!! 

For more information about eating disorders please visit

A special thanks to those who have helped me reach my goal: On Your Toes Dancewear and Customers, St. Paul’s School of Nursing Students, guests of the 3rd Avenue Street Festival!!
Ta Ta for now,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

After the Pageant, I had some relaxation time; which is rare in my life.  I still had to finish up my summer class but after that my summer was looking great. I only had a a few appearances booked for the summer starting with the 4th of July Parade!

The Annual Travis Day Parade is one of the oldest Parades in the country, priding itself on 102 years. Jamie Miss SI and I joined this parade in the hot sun. This parade was by far my favorite for many reasons. One being that July 4th is my favorite Holiday, two-the crowd is so close to you, you feel like part of their own celebrations, three-there is a house decoration contest and most of the houses were decked out on red, white and blue! The patriotism was in the air!! My dad joined me again and so did my baby cousin Emma, well for most of the ride until she got too hot and ran through a few sprinklers.

Next on my list was throwing out at the first pitch at a Staten Island Yankee Game!! So on July 7th I strutted in 5 inch heels all the way to the pitcher’s mound and threw out a pitch. It wasn’t a strike but it made it to the catcher and that’s all I cared about. May I add that Saxon Butler who caught the pitch is such a cutie with an even cuter southern accent. Saxon is no longer with the Yanks, he was promoted, I wish him the best of luck and it was a pleasure watching you play.

Recently I visited the YMCA on Broadway’s Summer Camp. I met with two different groups. The first group was 4-6 year olds. I brought an arts and crafts project to decorate. We had a quick chat about which foods are healthy for us to eat then had fun with our craft and finished with some singing and dancing.  I then move onto the older group who was already outside waiting for me. Again I discussed the importance of healthy eating and exercise and we wrapped up with a simply exercise routine they could do at home.

I’m sure you are wondering why I am discussing healthy eating and exercise with kids and not directly talking about the awareness of eating disorders… I personally do not feel it fits in all situations. Discussing matters of eating disorders is a rather difficult topic and not suitable to for all. I do believe that the wellbeing of our youth has great importance and feel the need to talk to kids and make them knowledgeable about their health.

I am sorry for the limited pictures from the YMCA, I am not able to post pictures of the children. Thank You for your understanding!

Many great things are in the works and I will be back soon!!
Yours Truly,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This post has been long overdue… my Miss New York Pageant Week experience!!!....
After months of preparation pageant week came and went way too fast….It was an experience that I had mixed emotions about. I was excited to be a part of this tradition but scared of what I was getting myself into.  I know I was as prepared as I could have been, but this would only be my second time around at this sort of thing. I was nervous as to how the other girls would be treating one another. Hey, let’s face it you put 26 beautiful, intelligent and talented women in the same competition all for one spot and the thoughts of destruction are endless. But to be honest, all of us got along really well. To me it felt like our own little sorority. We were together most of the time, shared many laughs and met each other’s family; where it was clear why every woman is who she is.
Onto the week..

On Monday June 11th all the girls headed to the Hampton Inn right here on Staten Island, which wasn’t a long ride for me (it took all of 15 minutes.) My roommate was Jaleesa Peterkin, Miss Kings County 2012. Jaleesa and I competed at the Staten Island Pageant together so it was nice to be with someone I knew. Jaleesa and I hit it off great and we had a great week together. Once we settled into our room we headed for lunch treated by Mr. & Mrs. Nicotra at the Commons CafĂ©. After we headed into the city to visit City Hall, then onto some site seeing and photo ops! You want to stop traffic in the city, get 26 beauties with crowns on their head; watch the city STOP.. HAHAH! We went over to the famous Bull downtown and cut a full line of tourists for a picture; no one seemed to mind!!! We then took many pictures with some interested travelers, even some locals. NEXT STOP, the 9-11 Memorial. The girls and I were asked to join in on a quick tour of the grounds. This was truly an amazing experience and I recommend that if you get a chance to go do not pass it up.

Staten Island Ferry here we come! After reaching SI we headed to Borough Hall, there Borough President Mr. Molinaro Welcomed us all to the Island! He then sent us for a nice dinner at Blue Restaurant. Thank Mr. Molinaro, it was delicious! Our last stop for the night was at the St. George Theater for the Mr. New York Pageant. YES, you read it correctly I said MR.!!!!!

Many of the girls got men to compete in a competition very similar to ours. They would be judged on their introductions, swimsuit, talent and evening wear. This was a great way to relax all of us, because it was hilarious to watch. These men were all so talented and hilarious at the same time. I was to thank Mr. Richmond County Mike Katz for participating for me, You were definitely the crowd favorite!

The next day we headed to St. Adalbert’s for a presentation and competition sponsored by Project Empower. Kaitlin Monte, Miss New York 2011 addressed the students on the issue of bullying which the competition was based on. The kids had to come up with an anti-bullying slogan and presentation.

Next we visited Eger Harbor House Nursing Home. We chatted and even sang some songs with the residents.  Afterwards was rehearsal….ALL NIGHT!!! Which then continued into Wednesday’s rehearsal. I had a blast during rehearsal; we were learning walking patterns and our “dance” routines for each segment of competition.

Thursday began competition with interview in the A.M. I competed in swimsuit and evening gown later that night. At this point in the competition I was feeling that I did the best I could have done. I wanted to nail my talent for the next night. Friday started with a visit to Fort Hamilton for the Army’s Birthday. We hung out with some of the troops down by Coney Island Board Walk. Thank You for your service!

Friday night was here and I was ready for talent but I had to answer the dreaded on-stage question first. But that came and went and now all my nerves were out of my system so I could rock it with my performance.  I was feeling confident in my dance and costume. My talent was a character jazz where I portrayed and doll name Ruby who came to life. My costume was made by Kandice and Jodi Pelletier and it was rockin’, Thanks guys!!!!! My body was warm and it was go time. I took my spot on stage and turned it on… Although it wasn’t the best I could have done I was happy with it.

Saturday was here and it was time for the finalist to be called… When I didn’t hear my name called I was really upset at first. I thought why not me I worked so hard and I performed great these past two days?? But then I took a few deep breathes and said to myself that this was only my second pageant ever competing in, I should be so proud to have made it this far in one shot!

Overall, this was a huge learning experience and I loved every second of it! I am so grateful to have met so many wonderful women who have taught me so much about myself. I want to congratulate my sister queen Jamie Lynn Macchia, Miss Staten Island for making it to Finals- you made Staten Island Proud! I hope to be back next year and use everything I learned from this.

Congratulations to Mallory Hagan the NEW Miss New York 2012! It was so well deserved; you will do New York Proud on the Miss America Stage. I wish you all the best in the new journey you are embarking on! To all my Miss New York sisters it was a pleasure to meet all of you and I hope to see all of you in the future.


Mr.& Miss. Staten Island with Mr. and Miss Richmond County

Mr. Richmond County doing his thing!

Christina, Miss Verrazano


Monday, July 2, 2012

In the mist of school( I took a summer class), appearances, working two jobs and preparing for the pageant I thought it would be great to have my charity event!!!!!  On Thursday May 31st, 2012, it happened!! Even though I know most of you already know what this event was about because it was all over facebook every 3 seconds, I will share for those of you who don’t know.

My Platform is “Everybody Knows Somebody- Bringing Awareness to Eating Disorders.” “Every Body is Beautiful” was a night to promote just that and to spread a positive body image and greater self-esteem. I co-hosted this event with two fabulous women, Anke Michaelson( photographer) and Kristina Persson(Hair and Make-up artist. ) They own Bebe Bardot Photography, to see their work go to .

In order for this night to have happened I needed their help. Months before the celebration happened Anke and Kristina worked dynamically to transform everyday women into pin-up and glamour inspired models.  We chose pin-up and glamour styles because we felt it shows empowerment of women. The pin-up era also showcases a different body type of woman; the full figured woman and it was SEXY as hell! Each woman had a different theme that exemplified them. All of these women are of all different shapes and sizes and were a true representation that every BODY is beautiful. On the night of the event these pictures were displayed for all the guests to see.

The party was so much fun! I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as Anke, Kristina and I did. We did make $3,000 for the night and still have donations coming in. When a final count is done, all the proceeds will be donated to the National Eating Disorder Association. Thank you to everyone who supported us and made this night a success.
Yiaya Couture, our performer for the night.  
Ella and Emma, my princess'
Most of the models
my pageant sisters <3
the ones who made this happen.. Kristina and Anke, I cannot thank you enough <3

.......ohh, I forgot to mention that the party was a costume party as well; era inspired. Hope you enjoyed!

If you or anyone you know is or may be suffering from an eating disorder please seek help. This is a serious illness where early detection and treatment is key to one’s survival. For more information about eating disorders please go to

Sorry it has taken me so long to post, BUSY, isn’t even the word to describe my life in the past month. I will continue where I left off…..
The girls (Jamie Miss Staten Island and Alexa Miss Richmond County Teen) and I were all in the Memorial Day Parade on Monday May 28th (it was scorching hot, I will show a picture of my sunburned legs later haha). We were donned in red, white and blue and ready so show our appreciation!!!! Ironically the cars that we had to ride in were red, white and blue. This parade was so much fun for me; the patriotism in the air was awesome. I met some pretty awesome Vets; some cute ones too!!!!

The girls and I with some cuties.. oh I mean sailors!!!
My Sunburn!!! ouch...
Next on my appearance list was at Belmont race track for the Blue Ribbon 5K run for Prostate Cancer. I was there in support of a great family friend. Although this was a race, I walked this one with my family. NOTE TO ANYONE WHO ISN’T INTERESTED IN WINNING THE RACE, JUST THERE FOR SUPPORT: do not stand anywhere near the front, you will get run over!!!!! The race was fun but I’m embarrassed to say that I finished in over 50 minutes. I was a soccer player I know I can do better than that. This time was just for leisure and support. Thank You Frankie and Lynn for all your continuing support in everything I do, Love you both <3
Lynn and Frankie
Daddy and I

On June 7th I attended another event hosted by Staten Island’s Heart Association. This was their annual Wine festival. So many familiar faces from the last event and so many new ones! The night was to honor three courageous men who saved another gentleman’s life by using an AED and CPR at a local S.I. gym. I tried some great wine, some great food and even had a caricature drawn up of myself. I will be returning to their third event of the year, a golf outing in the fall! Thank You Staten Island Heart Association for being so kind and supportive.
And my last appearance before Miss New York Pageant week is one of my favorites for my reign so far. I was invited to participate in the Cystic Fibrosis Walk of Staten Island on TEAM MATT!!!! The day of the walk would be the first time I would be meeting Matt and we were both anxious to meet each other. I heard that at 7 years old Matt was quite the lady’s man. When I arrived Matt wasn’t there yet, so I just hung around, signed in and took some pictures. When Matt got there it was love at first sight. He was adorable, shy and showed me some of his dance moves!! I think I could take him home forever.  Matt and I hung out for a while but then it was time for the T-Shirt contest. Each Team designed their very own T-shirt to represent them with.  Michael Cusick, Diane J. Savino, Nicole Malliotakis and I were amongst the Judges Table. There was so much creativity with all the shirts but there could only be a top 4 of winners… Team Matt finished in 3rd place, woo hoo!!!!! Now it was onto the walk… walking the boardwalk in heels- not the greatest idea I’ve ever had but I managed and many people applauded me for my triumph, haha.

Matt and I <3

I want to congratulate those fighting cystic fibrosis and the family members of those suffering with CF on the great successes in research and treatment options with medications. Its because of your strength and fight with CF that this is possible. Thank you for having me attend the walk and I look forward to being there next year!
The Judges Table
Kristina, aka the official Hair and Makeup artist of Miss Richmond County.
wind blown

more posts to come..........ciao <3

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz........ like a busy Bee!

On May 12, The 2012 Miss New York class had an appearance right here on Staten Island at COSTCO! Costco is a sponsor for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals; they invited us ladies to join them in raising money! There were about 15 of us outside Costco from 12-4 dancing, handing out candy and receiving donations from very generous people. Costco made a HUGE cake for this celebration (it looked so good!) We helped Costco raise $940.00 towards the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

This past week was a busy one! I had major pageant prep from walking to interview to working out. It is coming down to the wire and is it now CRUNCH TIME!! I am becoming more and more excited that pageant is approaching but there is still so much to do.

On Friday May 18th, I took a visit to the Staten Island Children’s Museum at Snug Harbor. I joined in on 3 cooking classes where the kids made biscuits for their Jasmine Tea Party. The biscuits were DELICIOUS (I have never made homemade anything hahah!!!) I felt like royalty having biscuits, sipping tea and wearing my crown! I plan to be back in the future, Thank You Staten Island Children’s Museum.

Later that Night, I had a Zumba Fundraiser to reach my goal in donations towards the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. I am very proud to say I met that goal and exceeded that goal! The event took place at St. Mary’s Church and Libby McPike was the instructor for the night (thanks Libby.) Zumba was an 80’s theme and everyone surely dressed the part! Thanks to my princesses Ella and Emma for helping out in handing out whistles, wrist bands and water. If you want to donate to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals you can go to  click on “Search Contestant”, type in my name and click donate. No contribution is too small, every little bit helps.
Ella and Emma ( my princesses)
LIBBY the BEST Zumba Instructor

80's theme Zumba!! What's more fun than that

I got plenty of moves!!!
Add caption

Saturday May 19 was one of princess, Emma’s 6thBirthday. Emma had a bowling party at Rab’s Bowling Alley and she had a request that I come with crown and sash to show all her friends. I would never say no to my baby girl, so of course I did it. She was so happy and we took pictures with all her friends!!! Emma is like my baby sister, I am with her many times a week. First reason being because I am her dance teacher and second because she is my cousin! Everyone in the family says she is beginning to act just like me, they don’t think this is a good thing; she is loud, always dancing, and needs your attention at all times!!!Happy Birthday Emma, love you <3
Happy Birthday Emma <3

My most recent event was Sunday May 20th at the Richmond County Bank Ball Park, the home of the Staten Island Yankees (of course I work there as well.) I attended the 2nd annual Touch-A-Truck presented by the Staten Island Advance and Staten Island Yankees to benefit the Staten Island Children’s Campaign. This event was so much fun!!! The parking lot gets filled with different kinds of trucks such as fire engines, garbage trucks, dump trucks and many more. Everyone and anyone can sit in these trucks, honk the horns and turn on the sirens. There were also bounce houses and games being played on the baseball field as well as Thomas the train driving kids around the field. There were different stations that the kids could get face paintings, tattoos or make different arts and crafts. Of course Scooter the Holy Cow was there to join in on all the fun! I am a big baby and made sure I sat in most of the trucks and honked all the horns. This event was fun, I met so many little children, sat in really big trucks and I got a farmers tan hahha !!!!

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That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed. Miss New York Week is just a few short weeks away!!!!!!! SO EXCITED, this is an experience of a lifetime!

Ta-ta for now!