Monday, July 2, 2012

In the mist of school( I took a summer class), appearances, working two jobs and preparing for the pageant I thought it would be great to have my charity event!!!!!  On Thursday May 31st, 2012, it happened!! Even though I know most of you already know what this event was about because it was all over facebook every 3 seconds, I will share for those of you who don’t know.

My Platform is “Everybody Knows Somebody- Bringing Awareness to Eating Disorders.” “Every Body is Beautiful” was a night to promote just that and to spread a positive body image and greater self-esteem. I co-hosted this event with two fabulous women, Anke Michaelson( photographer) and Kristina Persson(Hair and Make-up artist. ) They own Bebe Bardot Photography, to see their work go to .

In order for this night to have happened I needed their help. Months before the celebration happened Anke and Kristina worked dynamically to transform everyday women into pin-up and glamour inspired models.  We chose pin-up and glamour styles because we felt it shows empowerment of women. The pin-up era also showcases a different body type of woman; the full figured woman and it was SEXY as hell! Each woman had a different theme that exemplified them. All of these women are of all different shapes and sizes and were a true representation that every BODY is beautiful. On the night of the event these pictures were displayed for all the guests to see.

The party was so much fun! I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as Anke, Kristina and I did. We did make $3,000 for the night and still have donations coming in. When a final count is done, all the proceeds will be donated to the National Eating Disorder Association. Thank you to everyone who supported us and made this night a success.
Yiaya Couture, our performer for the night.  
Ella and Emma, my princess'
Most of the models
my pageant sisters <3
the ones who made this happen.. Kristina and Anke, I cannot thank you enough <3

.......ohh, I forgot to mention that the party was a costume party as well; era inspired. Hope you enjoyed!

If you or anyone you know is or may be suffering from an eating disorder please seek help. This is a serious illness where early detection and treatment is key to one’s survival. For more information about eating disorders please go to

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