Monday, July 2, 2012

Sorry it has taken me so long to post, BUSY, isn’t even the word to describe my life in the past month. I will continue where I left off…..
The girls (Jamie Miss Staten Island and Alexa Miss Richmond County Teen) and I were all in the Memorial Day Parade on Monday May 28th (it was scorching hot, I will show a picture of my sunburned legs later haha). We were donned in red, white and blue and ready so show our appreciation!!!! Ironically the cars that we had to ride in were red, white and blue. This parade was so much fun for me; the patriotism in the air was awesome. I met some pretty awesome Vets; some cute ones too!!!!

The girls and I with some cuties.. oh I mean sailors!!!
My Sunburn!!! ouch...
Next on my appearance list was at Belmont race track for the Blue Ribbon 5K run for Prostate Cancer. I was there in support of a great family friend. Although this was a race, I walked this one with my family. NOTE TO ANYONE WHO ISN’T INTERESTED IN WINNING THE RACE, JUST THERE FOR SUPPORT: do not stand anywhere near the front, you will get run over!!!!! The race was fun but I’m embarrassed to say that I finished in over 50 minutes. I was a soccer player I know I can do better than that. This time was just for leisure and support. Thank You Frankie and Lynn for all your continuing support in everything I do, Love you both <3
Lynn and Frankie
Daddy and I

On June 7th I attended another event hosted by Staten Island’s Heart Association. This was their annual Wine festival. So many familiar faces from the last event and so many new ones! The night was to honor three courageous men who saved another gentleman’s life by using an AED and CPR at a local S.I. gym. I tried some great wine, some great food and even had a caricature drawn up of myself. I will be returning to their third event of the year, a golf outing in the fall! Thank You Staten Island Heart Association for being so kind and supportive.
And my last appearance before Miss New York Pageant week is one of my favorites for my reign so far. I was invited to participate in the Cystic Fibrosis Walk of Staten Island on TEAM MATT!!!! The day of the walk would be the first time I would be meeting Matt and we were both anxious to meet each other. I heard that at 7 years old Matt was quite the lady’s man. When I arrived Matt wasn’t there yet, so I just hung around, signed in and took some pictures. When Matt got there it was love at first sight. He was adorable, shy and showed me some of his dance moves!! I think I could take him home forever.  Matt and I hung out for a while but then it was time for the T-Shirt contest. Each Team designed their very own T-shirt to represent them with.  Michael Cusick, Diane J. Savino, Nicole Malliotakis and I were amongst the Judges Table. There was so much creativity with all the shirts but there could only be a top 4 of winners… Team Matt finished in 3rd place, woo hoo!!!!! Now it was onto the walk… walking the boardwalk in heels- not the greatest idea I’ve ever had but I managed and many people applauded me for my triumph, haha.

Matt and I <3

I want to congratulate those fighting cystic fibrosis and the family members of those suffering with CF on the great successes in research and treatment options with medications. Its because of your strength and fight with CF that this is possible. Thank you for having me attend the walk and I look forward to being there next year!
The Judges Table
Kristina, aka the official Hair and Makeup artist of Miss Richmond County.
wind blown

more posts to come..........ciao <3

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