Wednesday, August 22, 2012

After the Pageant, I had some relaxation time; which is rare in my life.  I still had to finish up my summer class but after that my summer was looking great. I only had a a few appearances booked for the summer starting with the 4th of July Parade!

The Annual Travis Day Parade is one of the oldest Parades in the country, priding itself on 102 years. Jamie Miss SI and I joined this parade in the hot sun. This parade was by far my favorite for many reasons. One being that July 4th is my favorite Holiday, two-the crowd is so close to you, you feel like part of their own celebrations, three-there is a house decoration contest and most of the houses were decked out on red, white and blue! The patriotism was in the air!! My dad joined me again and so did my baby cousin Emma, well for most of the ride until she got too hot and ran through a few sprinklers.

Next on my list was throwing out at the first pitch at a Staten Island Yankee Game!! So on July 7th I strutted in 5 inch heels all the way to the pitcher’s mound and threw out a pitch. It wasn’t a strike but it made it to the catcher and that’s all I cared about. May I add that Saxon Butler who caught the pitch is such a cutie with an even cuter southern accent. Saxon is no longer with the Yanks, he was promoted, I wish him the best of luck and it was a pleasure watching you play.

Recently I visited the YMCA on Broadway’s Summer Camp. I met with two different groups. The first group was 4-6 year olds. I brought an arts and crafts project to decorate. We had a quick chat about which foods are healthy for us to eat then had fun with our craft and finished with some singing and dancing.  I then move onto the older group who was already outside waiting for me. Again I discussed the importance of healthy eating and exercise and we wrapped up with a simply exercise routine they could do at home.

I’m sure you are wondering why I am discussing healthy eating and exercise with kids and not directly talking about the awareness of eating disorders… I personally do not feel it fits in all situations. Discussing matters of eating disorders is a rather difficult topic and not suitable to for all. I do believe that the wellbeing of our youth has great importance and feel the need to talk to kids and make them knowledgeable about their health.

I am sorry for the limited pictures from the YMCA, I am not able to post pictures of the children. Thank You for your understanding!

Many great things are in the works and I will be back soon!!
Yours Truly,

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